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Rock Reamer Bit HDD Pilot Bit For Trenchless Trenchless Rock Reamer

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    Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: LONGYUE
    Certification: API

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Packaging Details: Plywood box(free-fumigation)
    Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,and L/C are acceptable
    Supply Ability: 150 Piece/Pieces per month

    Detailed Product Description

    Machine Type: Drilling Tool Certification: API
    Material: Carbide Processing Type: Forging
    Application: HDD Project, Well Drilling Standard: API&ISO
    Available Size: 6" (152.4mm)~78" (1981.2mm)    


    22'' HDD hole opener reamer


    Type of cutter


    Connection type Total length
    22 inch

    8 1/2 IADC 637 TCI roller cone cutter,

    Metal-face sealed bearing

    8 pcs of cutters

    5 1/2 FH pin and box 1300mm
    Drilling formations

    Medium to hard formations, such as hard shale, hard limestone

    sandstone, whinstone, flintstone, granite, quarts sandstone,

    hard dolomile, hard limestone,pyrite, etc

    PS: Drilling plan :16''-22''-28''-34''-40''

    There are three stages:
    1>the first stage is to drill a small diameter pilot hole.
    2>The second stage is enlarge the hole with a larger diameter cutting tool called an HDD Reamer,
    Rock Reamer or Hole Opener.
    3>The third stage is inserting the casing pipe or other product into the enlarged hole.

    Roller cone
    Roller cone(m/h) Formation
    Formation Rock type Compress
    111/124 15-30 18-33 very soft soft formation with sticky
    layer and low compressive
    Clay, slits, sands <25MPa
    9-15 18-33 soft soft formation with low
    compressive strength and
    high drill ability
    Clay stone, marl, lignite
    sandstone, tuff
    4.5-9 6-12 medium soft soft to medium formation with
    low compressive strength and
    small abrasive layers
    Clay stone, marl, lignite, tuff
    sandstone, silts, anhydrites
    2.5-6 3-6 medium medium to hard formation with
    high compressive strength
    and small abrasive layers
    Mudstone, limestone
    1.5-2.5 1.5-3 medium hard hard and dence formation with
    very high compressive strength
    but non abrasive
    Limestone, anhydrites
    1-1.5 1-1.5 hard hard and dence formation with
    very high compressive strength
    and some abrasive layers
    shale(calcareous), sandstone
    (siliceous), siltstone
    637/737/837 1 1 very hard extremely hard and
    abrasive formation
    Quartzite, rock >200MPa

    1. all kinds of size
    2. high quality and reasonable price
    3. MQO:1 set
    4. Have ISO certificate

    Lead Time:
    Prepared to deliver within 1 week, if in stock
    Depends on order quantity, when out of stock
    Transportation:By sea or air
    we have kept our clients ahead of schedule and under budget by providing the highest quality tools at the best possible prices .
    We ship to many countries and serve industries such as Oil & Gas, water well , Construction,Mining, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Geothermal and Environmental. Our experienced staff is here to assist you with everything from choosing the right bit to shipping around the globe.
    Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality tools, accessories and service in the industry. We are supported by many years of experience, trained professionals and a full machine shop. Reduce the cost ,Speed the drilling ,Guarantee the safety is always our aim.

    4. Tricone Bit Price:
    Fob Price: US $5900/ Piece |
    1 Piece/Pieces Tricone Drill Head (Min. Order)
    Supply Ability: 150 Piece/Pieces per month
    Port: Tianjin Seaport or Beijing Airport

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    For tricone bit,size range:3"-26".
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    For hdd hole opener 6" (152.4mm)~78" (1981.2mm)
    Longyue Bit carries all brands of drill bits, such as,Longyue, Kingdream,Lilin,CS,Hughes, Smith,.
    Longyue Bit will also buy any scrap bits, junk bits or used bits you have.

    Contact us now to get a quick, competitive quote for any drill bits you need.
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